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I have read various comments by users in these forums about the multi-page layout subject,  and I have experimented with the multi-page layout on my own projects -  and show the results I achieved here; Generally it is stated that it cannot be done - but I seem to have achieved suitable results for my work.

So in layout I have created a custom layout sheet size that is dimensionally, 4 x A1pages wide and one A1 page page high;

Using a metric A1 sheet that's a layout that measures 594mm high x 3364mm wide (or long, 4 x 841mm =3364mm)

An A1 sheet is 23" x 33"....approx.

See screen shot attached;

So you can delineate these 4 sheets graphically, I have noted these as Sheet1 - Sheet 4 - just for simplicity here across the 3364mm width and then allocated all the drawing material images, plans, elevations - that is needed accordingly where needed on the 4 sheets;

Then, when ready to print - nominate the target output sheet, in my example this is an A1 sheet  - and save the job as a 4 x A1 sheet pdf file;

I have printed the 4 sheets from the one large layout onto 4 x A4 sheets - 'scale to fit' - just for simplicity here;

Alternatively - I have also printed the layout as a pdf of the same layout size;

Some 24" printers can print one sheet to that length using paper roll feed - not cut sheets;

This can be cut into 4 pages once finished/printed;

As it is that I use A3 sheets predominantly with drawing output - I am experimenting in testing the limitations of the layout maximum width.

According to CA - there isn't any limitation.

The results are satisfactory for my multi-page needs and use - from one layout.

( Note - the output nominated  print size was adjusted slightly to suit the total page width.)

Happy days.









A1x4sheets - print layout snip.png

JRA_4xA1 sheets example.png


2021_Trevellyan as 4 printed sheets.pdf

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