Lowering 1st fool ceiling without losing 2nd floor custom roof


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Attached is a backup of plans for a house I hope to build this Spring.  The plan contains a couple features that I needed some help with, because they were beyond my skill level or because they were beyond the features of Home Designer Suite 2021.  A kind sole with stronger skills and a license to Chief Architect Premier X11 helped me.  Unfortunately, that person has become too busy to continue to help.  I have been able to use my skills and Home Designer Suite 2021 to make adjustments as I continue to iterate and tweak plans... with one exception.  It is my sincere hope, and humble ask that someone in this forum might be able to help me out with that blocker.


Specifically, I would like to change the 1st floor to have 8' instead of 9' ceilings.  Every time/way I attempt to do this, the things that I needed help with get borked up.  Those things are:
1. The roof over the house (the greatest concern and really the core thing beyond my capability)
2. The stairs to the 2nd floor
3. The chimney on the roof (which is somewhat of a duplicate of issue #1 and the least concern)
I have sincerely tried and researched anyway I could think of to lower that ceiling and all the methods hose the roof.


The short knee walls on the 2nd floor may strike folks as odd, they are something like ~6’6” under the shed dormers and ~4’2” to the sides... but they are intentional.  I don't want to change anything about the 2nd floor or roof apart from the fact that the overall structure will be ~12" shorter when the floor wall shrink by ~1' resulting in standard 8' ceilings on that 1st floor.


The ask is for assistance lowering the 1st floor ceiling without loosing aspects of the 2nd floor... particularly those 3 things listed above that I needed help with.  Is there anyone out there willing to help me make this single adjustment.  Please and Thank you!




P.S. You may observe some 'defects' in the plan like a wall that slightly protrudes the roof and the foundation has some sort of unnecessary frost wall beneath the basement.  Those things really don't bother me and don't really need to be fixed because they don't impact my ability to get a feel for the space and convey plans to the Builder.

Roof Help.zip

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Just curious.  Question: Why do you want to go to an 8' ceiling?


The home I now live in was designed with HDP2016, and we have 9' ceilings. It is so much more open feeling that our previous home that had 8' ceilings everywhere.


After moving from the previous home to the new home I would never want to go back to 8' ceilings.

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