Cathedral ceiling over 2nd floor


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I'm trying to recreate a cathedral ceiling over a second floor of an old building.  The building is 5m x 5m internally (okay...slightly more that 16ft x 16ft for those imperialists) on both the ground and on the floor above.  I want to create a hipped steep roof on the upper floor with a cathedral ceiling that will have exposed beams.


The walls are approximately 2.2m off the floor of the upper storey and that is where the roof begins (the roof is 5.5m from the floor to the apex - internally).


The ground floor of this 19th century French farm cottage has walls that are 2.5m high.  So the upper walls aren't the same height as the ground floor walls.


Any thoughts?




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From your description it is a 2 storey building correct? not sure why the link to the 1 1/2 storey tutorial is all?


- 2 storey structure with the Room set to "Open Below" should do it


Your Roof will be +/- 55° to get the 3.3 m height you need


I had a quick play but didn't play with the Beams as I wasn't sure in you meant ceiling beams or exposed Rafters? or are they really heavy timber trusses? like these




not sure if you can open this to see settings but here is the plan too.

Barn Plan _R1.plan

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