How do I measure the total height of my home?


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hello all,


I am working under height restrictions and am having trouble doing something that I think should be simple. Does anyone know where i can find the full height measurement of my structure (from the base of first floor to the highest point of the roof)? The CAD tools provide all the 2D measurements I need (width and depth), but doesn't seem to help when it comes to height in 3D. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!



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Hi Shelby,


Welcome to the forum.


This task may be accomplished a number of ways depending on which Home Designer software title you have.  If you have Home Designer Pro, you can select your highest elevation roof plane, open its specification dialog and note the ridge height.  In most of the other Home Designer titles, you can use a back-clipped elevation camera to view through your highest point, and then use the measurement tool to measure the height.


If neither of these options are available to you, please let us know which Home Designer software title you have, so more specific help may be suggested.


Good luck. :)

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