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  1. Hello all, I am using Home Designer Suite 2014 and have just completed my first design for my planned cape cod home and love it (yay!), but have now moved on to completing the attached 2 story garage with bonus room above and am running into some trouble. The garage sits directly adjacent to the house and shares the same back wall, with a depth that is a few feet less than that of the house (see attached image). The house has a 12"x12" pitch on the front roof plane that starts at the floor of the second story, and a 3"x12" pitch on the rear roof plane that starts at the 8 ft (finished) ceiling of the second story (so the back is fully dormered...see image). Although the garage will have a gable roof and fully dormered back just like the house, it will need to have 7' (finished) ceilings due to height restrictions, and its rear roof plane will need to have a different pitch than that of the house. I would actually like to have the garage's rear roof plane start one foot below the finished second story ceiling height (so at 6') and rise at a pitch of 2"x12" to meet the front roof plane, which rises from the floor of the second story at a 12"x12" pitch (just like the front roof plane on the house). Then we plan to use the dormer tool to simply drop a large gable dormer on the front of the house. Our goal is to work with our height restrictions to still maximize our bonus room space above the garage. I was able to build the garage (for the most part) as a separate file, but when I try to add it to my existing home plan, I can't seem to build it's roof separately without messing up the roof on the home. The other garage problem I'm running into--even in the separate plan--is getting the plan to start the rear roof plane at one foot below the second story ceiling. I just can't figure out how to do it. I know it has something to do with the wall and room specifications, but can't figure out what. Sorry if this is a confusing post--will do my best to include as many helpful images as possible..let me know if you need others. Hoping the pros on here will be able to offer some insight. Thanks in advance! Shelby
  2. Thank you so much, Elovia! I have Home Designer Suite 2014, but was able to use the 3D elevation view and tape measure tool to do it. Problem solved. Thanks again!
  3. hello all, I am working under height restrictions and am having trouble doing something that I think should be simple. Does anyone know where i can find the full height measurement of my structure (from the base of first floor to the highest point of the roof)? The CAD tools provide all the 2D measurements I need (width and depth), but doesn't seem to help when it comes to height in 3D. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! Shelby