Confronting and Persistence


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When I suggest "Confronting" I mean: "Confronting is defined as being able to face. When we say one is confronting, we mean that he is facing without flinching or avoiding. The ability to confront is actually the ability to be there comfortably and perceive."


How is that useful in the use of Chief? I have observed within myself and other users that Specification Dialog's are are often just "OK'ed" without actually confronting what is on the dialog before clicking "OK". Then one is upset with the results because you overlooked the settings presented by the dialog.


Another instance of this is not confronting each and every dialog in Chief before using it, including all of that dialog's tabs. I still make this a process I go through ever so often to just look carefully-study-confront each and every dialog box and drop-down menu in the software. I learn or relearn many things just doing this action as a refresher (so many things to remember, ya know?)


When things go wrong, the first thing I do is to inspect room dialog box settings, default settings until I find THE setting that is causing the problem (nobody is perfect, all are Human, we miss things etc.)


Take the time to carefully LOOK and FIND.


Persistence comes in to persevere long enough to FIND and edit what is found to be wrong.. When all else fails, I, just like anyone else, calls Tech Support and way too often they kindly point out that I did not LOOK, effectively enough in many cases. it is a competence thing and a personal Ethics thing, I recommend you start developing a talent for that method.



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