Different roofs joining and redesigning automatically

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Hi Everyone,


I am using Home Designer Suite 2015.


My husband and I are planning a renovation and rebuild with extensions over here in SW France. I am trying to create the proposed final property on Home Designer but have reached a problem relating to the roofs.


The original building was built in 1815 and is considerably higher than the joining barn.


The original building has a totally separate roof with a different pitch, shape and style to the barn section. 


I am able to create the roof for the barn section and the 2 extensions (see attached plan) but as soon as I try to join the new building to the old Home Designer redesigns the whole roof. The barn roof sits alongside the wall of the original building and the roofs do not touch.


I have attached the architect roof plans (PAGE 2) and my Home Designer Plan.


Can anyone advise ?

02 3930 140814 PC MASSE COUPE x11C.pdf


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I don't believe this. 


I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to sort this out. I post this topic, open HD and voila I sort it.


Sorry for wasting the time of this post.

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