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I have a question for all my fellow Canadian users . 

How do you do your plans , METRIC or Imperial ? 

I have been in the construction trades in building , estimating and drawing of plans etc for the biggest part of my life. and very seldom come across Metric Plans and yet to be able to do plans in Ontario (where I live) I must have a B.C.I.N. number and the exam that has to be taken can Only be taken in Metric which seems a bit unfair  .

I talked to a builder today and they have never built or seen a metric plan.

What are my fellow Canadians running into.



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I am not Canada but live in an Alaskan  town Land Locked to Canada.  Our only road access is through BC Canada. So hardware and lumber will all be purchased in CA.  Is all dimensional lumber in Canada in Inches and Feet?   Which is best to design the house in inches and feet or Metric?



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