cheif wrap layer visable through siding in 3d perspective full overview

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I'm using the default exterior wall siding-6 which includes one layer of chief wrap. I've added several wall coverings on top of the exterior of this wall. When I view 3d perspective full overview the chief wrap layer bleeds through the exterior coverings slightly giving a strange appearance. See attached file of what it looks like. Anyone know how to fix?


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and what happens if you remove the wall coverings you added?    save a copy of your plan 1st ,under another name(s) for backup and then "play" with one of them .


I'd say video driver but


try standing closer or further away from the view


try changing the clipping distance under 3D settings


try changing the thickness of your wall coverings if possible if not try adjusting their transparency.



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The issue is called z-fighting , I use Pro 10 and see it occasionally but I find it is more of a problem in 2015 Trial for eg.  you can change the default clipping distance  to eg 400 default is 300 I think and see if that helps but if you do a search here or on the old Forum (better?) you will get more tips too , also try Chieftalk and it's legacy forum.


sometimes if possible in your software you can eliminate it by making one material thicker , as the are "fighting" for the same space in 3D and the thicker one will hide the thinner.


This used to be an issue sometime if you drew your model too far away from the Origin of 0,0 , which is usually approx. in the bottom left hand corner of the window when you open a new plan ,closer is better but it doesn't have to be exact. (watch/turn on, your status bar to see the coordinates of your cursor)



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