Blurry 3D views on Retina / HiDPI screens


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Hi there!

I have reached out to Chief Architect support with my issue, but did not receive any help whatsoever during 10 months of emailing back and forth, so I decided to reach out to the community to see if anybody else is experiencing this issue.

I've been using Home Designer Pro 2018 on a Retina Macbook Pro and my issue is that the 3D view is just awfully blurry. I never experienced this issue on my regular Macbook Air. It seems that the 3D image is not rendered on the pixel density of the Macbook Pro display, but rather at a lower pixel density, and is then scaled up. I noticed that Home Designer Suite 2017 does not seem to have this issue, where the image is sharp.

I tried changing the Hardware Edge Smoothing setting to High, but it only makes the image appear softer, but still blurry. I don't really see any options that might affect the resolution for 3D views. FWIW, it seems that Home Designer Suite 2017 works simply out of the box on both regular and HiDPI screens.

I also noticed that while most of the UI elements seem to be scaled for HiDPI screens, some of them are not - notably the Close buttons (black round circle with X in it). Attached is a screenshot. To be fair, this also appears to be the case for Home Designer Suite 2017, not just Pro 2018.

I don't think this is a "camera" issue, but the application is simply failing to render the full resolution image when using a 4K (3840x2160) display scaled to HD (1920x1080).

Has anybody else experienced the same issue? Is there anything I can do? CA support have been utterly unhelpful, they do not seem to even understand what a Retina screen is (they suggest me to use the "native" resolution... when the retina resolution ("looks like 1440x900" in display settings) IS the native, default resolution.

The Macbook Pro has a 2560x1600 physical resolution. However, the default resolution used in Mac OS is scaled, so it looks like 1440x900. This is because 2560x1600 on a small display would make the text rather small and unreadable.

Just to make sure I'm right, I used a program called SwitchResX to set my Retina screen's resolution to match the physical resolution of the screen. As I expected, HD Pro now showed a sharp image in 3D (see screenshot).

Retina - default for display.png2107208473_Retina-scaled-default.thumb.png.698c8425c96d3d7b79c1ea83aea9277b.pngRetina - scaled - inbetween.pngRetina - scaled - larger text.pngRetina - scaled - more space.pngRetina - switchresx custom resolution.pngIcons.png

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