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When clicking auto interior dimensions the dimension line starts from outer side not inner side of the wall ( see attached picture). Is there setting somewhere to make dimension start from innder wall side ?



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Thanks for replies.

My sw version is 2015 Pro, and I started with Urban Chic template

Problem appears every time if I use user defined walls, for example if I copy the wall type Stucco-Thick , change it's thickness and then use it as a default wall then the dimensions are positioned wrong.

But what's strange , the problem appears only if all exterior walls are user defined or copied - if I have at least one default wall type in plan then dimensions are just right.



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When you define the wall , do you retain the "main layer" as the framing ? and make sure the check boxes for dimension to this line are checked still / are on the right layer?


Tech Support may not be aware of this if you think it is a bug call them or emial them so they can look into it before the next Patch...




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