Need help with making custom Pillows


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Hey there everyone, 


I am working on doing a rendering for a client, and am trying to create a good look for their sitting area using pillows I found at World Market. The issue I have is I have already downloaded the Wayfair trade catalog along with many others, and I can't find any pillows that would be similar to the one I want to use in the space I am designing for them. I've tried to use the object painter and adjust tool, but it's proving more difficult than I'd like and the result I am getting doesn't match the product I want to duplicate at all. 


I am also trying to see if there is a way to make a mongolian lamb fur pillow to add as potential accent in the space, and using what I found in the catalogs I've downloaded, I cant seem to get a texture that will show accurately enough that will showcase this finish correctly. 


Do any of you have recommendations for either a catalog download I can purchase, or a way of duplicating the look I am trying to create in this space for a client? Please let me know your recommendations as soon as you can. Below is a link to the pillow I am trying to duplicate. Please help!


Mongolian Lamb fur pillow:


Pillow I am wanting to duplicate:

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