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  1. ZinnDesign

    Need Help adjusting B&B wall type..

    Hey All, I've run into an issue and am trying to figure out a way to achieve the look I want in my Home Designer 2018 Program. I am wanting to create a board and batten wall feature utilizing the White Washed wood feature found in the Rustic Wood Library in Chief Architect home designer X9, and have tried playing around with the wall types quite a few ways, but still haven't achieved the results I'd like. Would you please guide me so I can hopefully achieve the finished look I am wanting? I've attached snapshots of the project I am working on so I can show you the two features I am trying to combine so I can get the end result I'm after, a board and batten wall feature made up of whitewashed wood so the wall features the look of the traditional whiteboard and batten wall while still having that whitewashed character. Any help you could provide would be a tremendous help! Thanks, Drew Zinn
  2. ZinnDesign

    Need help with making custom Pillows

    Hey there everyone, I am working on doing a rendering for a client, and am trying to create a good look for their sitting area using pillows I found at World Market. The issue I have is I have already downloaded the Wayfair trade catalog along with many others, and I can't find any pillows that would be similar to the one I want to use in the space I am designing for them. I've tried to use the object painter and adjust tool, but it's proving more difficult than I'd like and the result I am getting doesn't match the product I want to duplicate at all. I am also trying to see if there is a way to make a mongolian lamb fur pillow to add as potential accent in the space, and using what I found in the catalogs I've downloaded, I cant seem to get a texture that will show accurately enough that will showcase this finish correctly. Do any of you have recommendations for either a catalog download I can purchase, or a way of duplicating the look I am trying to create in this space for a client? Please let me know your recommendations as soon as you can. Below is a link to the pillow I am trying to duplicate. Please help! Mongolian Lamb fur pillow: https://www.worldmarket.com/product/gray-ombre-mongolian-faux-fur-throw-pillow.do?sortby=ourPicks Pillow I am wanting to duplicate: https://www.worldmarket.com/product/black-and-ivory-geometric-indoor-outdoor-throw-pillow.do?sortby=ourPicks
  3. ZinnDesign

    Customize Brick options in 3d visualizer

    Thanks for helping me out! I am still getting adjusted to using my software apparently and the videos you shared with me really helped. I got everything updated in my plan and that really helped me out.
  4. ZinnDesign

    Customize Brick options in 3d visualizer

    Hey there, I am wanting to customize a brick option so that the brick I select is painted over to a new color while still keeping the same texture featured in the HD 2018 3D Visualizer. I am wanting to change the adobe brick option into a painted brick feature using Behr's "Perfect Taupe" paint hue. Would you please guide me on how to achieve this result?