Really look at or confront so as to learn


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There are two basic things one can do to raise your ability to learn:


1. look up and get defined any word or symbol you encounter while studying or reading. If you are in the habit of skipping words or symbols while reading, everything after that word or symbol will not be understood or remembered but if you stop, look up and get understood such things, you will remember what you just read. Just doing this simple action can actually raise your I.Q. by several points, not to mention your competence (ability to do).


2. Really look at, and scan through dialog boxes. When you look at them, look at each line of the dialog, its input boxes, its checkboxes and so forth. As you scan them, if you see one you do not understand, stop right there and look up that dialog box in your Reference Manual (found under the Help Menu) and get it understood. Treat it as a "misunderstood" as in #1 above.


This software is controlled by Default Settings, Preferences and Dialog Box settings, master those and you master the software.



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