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I have generated my basement and have added interior walls around the inner perimeter of the basement as it is a finished basement.  When I try to add windows to the basement they either go through just the interior wall, or just the foundation wall, but not both.  I can't seem to find a way to do this.  Could you offer any suggestions?


Thanks in advance



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Sounds like you may have drawn a wall inside a wall, or in other words if you open the wall dbx it should look somewhat like the screen capture I've included. If you drew an interior (nom 4" wall ) inside the perimeter of the exterior wall and show it as two separate distinct walls, the window will not show properly as you've described. If the wall dbx doesn't offer the exact specific wall type you are looking for, you may have to make a special wall type and define it's parts if Suite 2014 will allow it.




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This is the same issue we are having in this thread


the only way I can think of is to place a Window Pass Thru or Doorway the same size as the Door or Window in the Interior Wall , as it seems currently double walls are not supported properly ....pretty surprising given that nearly all basements these days have interior walls at the perimeter to meet Code (insulation)



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I played with this tonight and the Pass thru and Doorway Option mentioned above does Work but it is a bit of work to line stuff up  but Bob's image above got me thinking, "What if we alter an existing 2 layer Wall" , ie a Brick Wall as it already "knows" the windows and doors must pass thru both walls .....and it does work !   :)   (but does not help with Framing views sorry)  


Start by copying the 4 or 6 inch Brick wall ,and then altering the layers to the required material and thicknesses eg:


The Brick  becomes 3/4" siding/stucco or 8" thick Concrete or ?

1/2" OSB is the same

0" Building wrap is the same

etc etc


see image below



The view



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