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    basement windows

    I have generated my basement and have added interior walls around the inner perimeter of the basement as it is a finished basement. When I try to add windows to the basement they either go through just the interior wall, or just the foundation wall, but not both. I can't seem to find a way to do this. Could you offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance David
  2. OK, I may be slow, but I can't seem to find any way to easily show what the final height of my house model is. Can someone please help me out? I can always do the math, but I assume there is an easier way. Thanks David
  3. dleggett

    Dormer issue

    Sorry. Home Designer Suite 2014...and thanks.
  4. dleggett

    Dormer issue

    I am trying to make some dormers for my house model which are flush with the exterior from of the house. However, when I do this, the trim and gutter of the roof run in front of the window. I have posted a picture of this. Any ideas/suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks, Davod
  5. Thanks for the help. Got it to work!
  6. My house has rooms separated by archways. Is there any way to have this in the Home Designer software?