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Hopefully a simple question.  I've gotten through designing the floor plan, a lot of the exteriors, roofs etc in Home Designer Pro 2018 as a first time user, and have turned my attention to the interior.  I started to edit the floor and ceiling materials using what I thought were the instructions provided - Go to the structure tab of the room specification dialog, find floor finish and click on the edit button.  But there is no edit button for floors, and under structure it is just the underfloor specifications, not floor materials.  Under ceiling, there is an edit option for finish, but when i click on it there is just a dialog for thickness, not materials.  I googled and searched through home designer pro videos and Youtube videos, but can't find information as to where you can change floor and ceiling materials.  I'm attaching a screen shot of the room specification dialog box.  I am submitting this on what is labeled Home Designer Forums, but when I have done this in the past I have been lectured that this is Chief Architect forum and not Home Designer.  This is the only forum I can find labeled Home Designer, with nothing about Chief Architect in any of the headings.  Hopefully this is the right place.

Room specification dialog.jpg

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