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Hi, I'm using Home Designer Pro Windows 64 bit 2018. I'm creating a fake balcony with inswing double doors and a decorative iron railing balcony bolted to the exterior. When I try to place this it drops to the ground or it installs posts to hold it up! Where can I go in the program to find or create a purely decorative faux railing/balcony on the 2nd floor of my project??

Thank you!!


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1) Please fill out your Signature -- see below.


2) Could you post an image of what you want to model?


Have you checked the bonus catalogs?




It helps if we know what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2014, 2015 etc) you are using. You can add this info to your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left. Doing so makes it always available, and this info is often key to providing a good suggestion


Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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What you are describing is called a Juliet Balcony.  I found one in the library called a Mediterranean Balcony.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out where I found it within the library (Core or Bonus) but when I open the object it says "Copyright 2010, Chief Architect, Inc." so it must be squirreled away in there somewhere. (See attached image.)  I stuck one of the outside of the house and placed double doors to access it and it does not generate support posts when added.  There may also be some on 3D Warehouse.  Hope this helps.

Juliet Balcony.jpg

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