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After updating my operating system when I go to start up my Home Designer I get a message that says . . .


 /Users/autobuild/p4sync/dev/releases/16/chief/CACommon/IO/IniFile.cpp(160): Error #272032510
 "Critical Error writing preferences: ini file is not writable: /Users/chuckf/.config/Chief Architect Inc/Home Designer Architectural 2015.ini"
 02/08/2017 09:00:39 AM


How do I fix this?

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Found this on the ChiefTalk site regarding the same error that might help.

On 2/20/2016 at 10:42 AM, KirkClemons said:

To fix permissions:

- Uninstall Chief:

- In a new 'Finder' window, select 'Go> Applications' from the menu.

- Open the 'Utilities' folder.

- Open the 'Disk Utility' app.

- Select your primary disk from the list on the left.

- Click 'Verify Disk Permissions'.

- When the verification is complete it will either report that everything is OK or it will list all the permission issues that it found.

- To repair any issues it found, click on the 'Repair Disk permissions' button.

- Restart your system, (Apple menu> Restart)

- Reinstall Chief.



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I think Mac did away with allowing to repair disk permissions Sierra.


Tech Support confirmed more than likely a permissions issue though caused by something in the operating system migration messing up.


I created a new user account with full administrative rights and everything is working great as long as I'm signed into the new account.

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