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Home Designer Pro 2014 here. I have drawn polylines to represent radiant floor pattern, but need to break them into smaller zones. Tried to use break tool on polyline and all it does is let me bend the line at that point. I want to physically break the line so I can create a new zone.


Is this possible?


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Unfortunately, the CAD tools in HDPro do not work the same as those you may be familiar with in AutoDesk or ACAD derivative products.  As you've discovered, using the Break Line tool simply adds a vertex to the line, arc, or other CAD item.


I don't know enough of what you're trying to do to suggest an efficient workaround (an image would help).  If, for example, you're trying to break up a zig-zag pattern into two or more smaller patterns, then some version of "copy in place" and editing each copy might be useful.  Alternatively, placing one or more crossing CAD lines and creating new vertices, then deleting the unwanted segments as described below may be useful.


That said, I've had success placing a CAD line that crosses at the desired point of break, and then manually shortening the segment from the nearest vertex to snap at the crossing point.


If you've created a polyline (multiple linear segments), you can turn on the Edit Object Parts option to select and delete unwanted segments.  Be sure to turn off the Edit Object Parts option afterward to return to default software behavior.


Hope this helps. :)

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Actually Elovia the Break line Tool WILL cut a line but the feature is missed by most people including me :)  ,I only found it after digging deep in the Ref. Manual,it is documented on pages 155/156 of the Ref. Manual ( Pro 10) , you may find posts of mine from last year about it too....


1st select the object then.......


To add a break/vertex/bend to a line object......... click the break line icon ONCE , then click where you want the break


To cut the line object completely............ DOUBLE CLICK the break line icon...    it is a little tricky placing the cut as seems you must move "it"  immediately after placing the break or it reverts to normal if  you click on anything else, then and you'll need to re-cut the line by starting over....




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There is often more than one way to get things done :)


Been using Pro for about 5 yrs and still am working my way through the 1000 page Manual .....usually when I have an issue ....


If you have other double click tips please pass them on.....   most icons open the defaults DBX if you double click them so a double click feature like the line break isn't expect by many I think and unless you are aware of it is would appear nothing happened double click that particular icon. 



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