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Home Designer Pro 2014 here. Have a pole barn with posts resting on concrete footings. Top of posts is 15'6" high. Trusses span the beams and place the roof ridge at 24'6". I followed advice and used "railings" to construct the posts and beams.


So now I have a drawing that appears to look like the existing structure.


Now, we are going to add a 12' wide addition to back wall of existing structure and wish to extend the existing roof line to form new eaves on the new back wall. Following the existing pitch will place the top of the new back wall at approximately 8'9".


How do I make the roof over this new space follow the lines of the existing roof?


And now the big question. Once all these posts, beams, and trusses are in place, the stud walls must be added to the drawing. These walls will rest between the posts and are to be fastened directly to the slab floor. Since these walls are not load bearing there is no need to have a foundation beneath the walls.


However, the structure was originally formed using railing type walls. Can I simply draw exterior walls over the existing railing walls, or do I need to follow some other procedure?


Last question. Is it possible in HD pro 2014 to create a new wall style that is a post and beam wall with the ability to specify post height and spacing? Using a deck railing to represent a post and beam wall just seems awkward.


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Because you have HDPro, the level of automated tool use is completely up to you.  Were I the designer, I would create the roof using invisible exterior walls and the automatic roof builder.  Then, once the roof was close enough, I'd turn off the automatic roof rebuilding option for subsequent edits.  I'd then manually place framing such as posts and stud walls.  But that is just me, because I'd want complete control over engineering of the framing.  The software doesn't do any engineering, so even with automatic framing you'll most likely need to perform some edits to it in order for it to be correct.


The Transform/Replicate tool will go a long way towards "automating" the manual process when it comes to framing stud walls. 


I'm not sure what you're asking regarding the extension room from the main building.  You have manual roof plane tools in HDPro, and if the automated roof building tool doesn't output the desired look, you have the ability to manually edit/create roof planes.  If you have roof planes in place that you like, you can open their specification dialogs and take note of those plane's parameters, then apply those same parameters to a new roof plane (e.g., ridge height and pitch).


Hope this helps. :)

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pics of what you have done would help ...... eg is it a hip roof? a gable ? etc etc....


there is a setting in the Wall DBX in the roof tab for "extend slope downward"  did you try that over the addition ?


Add a slab floor and draw exterior walls between your Posts , not sure if drawing right thru them will simply eliminate them or not? or perhaps you can just uncheck the railing checkbox in the Wall DBX and define the new wall type you need eg 6" siding.... ?


Do a "save as" and make a couple of back ups of your plan  to date in case you get something way out of whack and can go back, before you try these things.



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@ elovia, I will try your suggestions today. Thanx.
@ kbird, attached are two files. One is the original plan, the other is after I checked the extend roof checkbox. When I checked this box two dialog boxes popped up warning me that the roof must connect to walls that have full gable checked. However, I cannot check both boxes.


Also, in the original plan I noted that the siding on the gable end does not cover the wall properly.


The 12' addition is labeled "Pole Barn Office".


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so far.....


The walls on the office aren't in line with the main building  on both ends 1/2 " out ? fix that and align walls with those above.


The gable problem is cos you have eaves set to 1/4"  so the roof/fascia is cutting onto the gable , make it 1 1/2 " and then the fascia will generate along with the siding,generally the siding would come up behind the fascia to keep it waterproof in the ITRW, and you have to allow for sheathing too (1/2" OsB/Ply?+3/4 siding?)


The Roof looks right ....before you extended it (plan B)  so I am confused as to the issue ?



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Okay ,found it after climbing into the roof with a camera view ... :)


the existing roof pitch is too steep to have a 12' wide addition AND have the same roof line  if the addition was 8' high (not 9") your addition would be 8'9" wide , is that what you are referring too with the 8'9" above ?


Is the existing structure really 8/12 pitch? per Roof DBX settings... ( check with a Level App on your phone if you have too)  if it is only 6/12 that will make a huge difference....


You would need to goto 5 /12 ? maybe on the office at 12' wide and 9' high ceilings   perhaps 6/12 if 8' ceilings



Edit:  and you can just turn off the railing in the Wall DBX for the 4 walls of the office and make the wall type Siding as I thought. The inner wall will need to be reversed so the siding is on the facing the Barn area not the office.




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