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I am having trouble drawing pier and beam foundations and decks. When I try to specify a wall (or a room) I do not see how to specify pier and beam. How do I default to pier and beam as default foundation for all structures?

I need the floor to be 24" above terrain level.



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I'm using Pro 2017 for a house built on a pier and beam foundation. I've searched high and low for a process to accomplish this. This is the main search result on the forum that I get sent to. I've only found the beach house on stilts in the tutorials.

The house is 29' x 40', a simple rectangle that has an elevation drop of 3', back to front. the back needs to be 18" above grade and the footing for the pier needs to be 18" below grade for freeze line.

This should be easily done but it will only do it with a 24" foundation wall on top off the piers.

Any help or references would be appreciated.


As a note, I will need two interior beam lines running the 40' way as I will be using 10' joists lapped on the beams.

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