Trouble with Walkthrough playback


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Recording a walkthrough works fine. Howver, when I try to playback I get an error message. Windows media player says it encountered a problem. Quicktime says unknown error. I am using the IYUV codec for my windows 7. 64 bit operating system.

The sequence is 107 sec long, with 6 key frames.


If I reduce the sequence in length (tried 10 sec) playback works fine.


I have 16 GB of memory and Quadro 2000 video board.


Any ideas?



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do you have the IYUV codec on your system ? check with M$ for a codec Pack perhaps or try the other options eg MS-CRAM or H.264 see if they play.

VLC Media Play (free) plays almost anything too ( including youtube vids.) but it can also converts files if needed but have not played with HD Video's, as my old version just outputs .avi's



edit:  I checked my system and it only has a 32bit IYUV codec ,so your's maybe similar ?



Codecs can be written for 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you need to install 64-bit codecs. If you install a 32-bit codec on a 64-bit operating system, for example, the Player might not be able to play any files that require that codec.

Note that many older codecs are only available in 32-bit versions. If the codec provider does not specify whether its codec is 32-bit or 64-bit, the codec is likely 32-bit. For more information, contact the codec provider.

How do I tell which codecs are installed on my computer?

If you need to see a list of the Windows Media Player components and codecs installed on your computer, do the following:

  1. On the Help menu, click About Windows Media Player.

    If the Help menu is not visible, click Organize, point to Layout, and then select Show menu bar.

  2. On the About Windows Media Player dialog box, click Technical Support Information.

    Your web browser will open a page that includes information about the related binary files, codecs, filters, plug-ins, and services installed on your computer. A technical support person might be able to use this detailed information to help you troubleshoot problems on your computer.


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you might want to contact tech support , see what they suggest , it seems strange to me that the Walkthroughs are done in a Codec that is only available to 32bit systems and wont play in the major Media Players of the Day.


Perhaps point them to this thread too ?


I'm a little dubious of downloading codecs online myself at this point....



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  • 5 months later...

Having this same exact problem. Windows 8.1, HDArch 2015. 


I downloaded the FFDS codec, installed it and rebooted, and then set that in my Render Preferences. I re-recorded my Walkthrough using the path that I had set, then viewed the video using Win Media Player. It looks dreadful. 


Was this ever posted to Tech Support? I think I will. 

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