Replicating an Existing Bathroom- Issues with Shower Details


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Hi guys, so I'm in the throws of recreating a client's master bathroom I visited last week. I don't necessarily have to make it spot on- since this is only for a "before" visualization BUT... the closer I get the better. Some of the problems I'm having:


1 I have a crown molding profile for the bathroom that is "cut off" by the shower (since the software recognizes it as its own room)- is there a way to finish that out?

2 Because my door does not touch the floor, the molding there continues- but how do I make it match the photo better?

3 How do I get the tile to surround the door like a frame? When I try casing it actually extends past my half wall's height.

4 Is there a way to get that same crown molding around the half walls too?



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