lighting in camera views is different plan to plan


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I am working in Home Designer Interiors. This is a kitchen design project.


I duplicated  floor plan #1 via "save as" to make some minor changes to the lay out, call it plan #2


When I open a camera view on plan #1, there is good reflective light coming off of the ceiling and the rendered view is excellent.



When I open a camera view plan #2, there is no reflective light coming off of the ceiling, and the quality of the rendered view is lower.



There is no lighting fixture in either plan and I made no changes to default any settings as far as I know. I opened both cameras and the settings on them are identical.


Any idea on how I can get the same reflective light on plan #2 as on plan#1?


One would think that if the reflective light is on one plan, it could be on both, but I am at a loss-------




here is another view of the light source I can't control or identify



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