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  • Click on Help> Launch Help, go to the Contents tab to view the entire Reference Manual and User's Guide by chapter. (New to the software? Please please please go through the User's Guide to get familiar with the program!) Go to the Index tab to search by indexed keywords or the Search tab to search for other keywords or phrases.


  • Knowledge Base, click on a particular heading, like Roofs, if you aren't totally certain what you're looking for or if you've searched the website but not come up with the specific result you're looking for.


  • Online tutorial Training Videos. Search and pay attention to whether or not a video has a dot in the column for your program!


  • Training Webinars. Most of these are recorded now so you don't even have to wait for a particular time to view them!


  • Chief Architect YouTube Videos. Many of these show stuff relevant to Home Designer even if we don't have all the fancy tools and features of the Premier version.


  • Library Browser empty or can't find what you need? Select Library> Install Core Content to get the basics, and check here for bonus and manufacturer catalogs that the company provides. Make sure to use the filters so you don't end up trying to get content that will only work with the Premier version that has SSA.


  • Searched the Library and Bonus/Manufacturer content downloads, but STILL can't find a particular symbol/object you want? Look in the 3D Warehouse and follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article to import it!


  • Don't know what a particular item in a dialog means? There's a Help button at the bottom of the dialog. Click on it to launch the software's Help file already open to the info on that dialog and read what it has to say.


  • Searched everything else but still can't find an answer on how to do something? Post a new thread in the Q&A section here on HomeTalk! Give as much detail as you can, post photos similar to what you want, screenshots of what you currently have, and if possible, attach the plan!


  • Technical Support - Think the software just isn't behaving right or getting an error message? These are the guys to contact.


  • Get Training! Paid service, and I'm not sure if they offer it to all the Home Designer versions or not, but I know I've seen folks with Pro post up here before who've been very happy with it.
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