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Hi all,


I'm a newbie to HD Pro 2016 and need advice on wall construction. I am modelling my home as-is in Home designer and need some advice on replicating the current all construction within HD Pro 2016.


My home is basically a steel frame construction (220mm x 220mm steel I-Beams) with vertical and truss steel. In-between the vertical steel columns there is concrete blockwork and the whole outer skin is brickwork.


How would I go about modelling that in HD Pro 2016?


All help and advice welcome!

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OK, so I think I have figured this out myself :)  It's all in the Framing...


Under Build --> Framing --> Build Framing... you can change the options for Posts (in my case these would be steel I-Beam columns) through the Edit Post Defaults... button. In there, under General, you can specify the post Type and there is a Steel I-Beam option...

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