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I'm fairly sure not much has changed regarding this program limitation since 2010 when I sumitted the following post on the old legacy Hometalk forum:


You won't be able to use the automatic Window Tools to create a corner glass window in the Home Designer line of software. The closest you'll get is with a fat mullion in the corner, as you might have already discovered.

BUT ... given sufficient time, determination and attention to detail, you can create a reasonable model of one. It all depends on your abilities and desire. Shown below is a corner window built completely out of soffits (i.e., every piece of the corner walls*, not including the roof system). It was a fair bit of exacting work. I could have left off the sash in the outer corner, but I left it for detail; a pure glass corner is difficult to see in the render.

Cautionary note: These types of window systems really need careful scrutiny by a licensed structural engineer, to ensure they will support any required load. The images drawn below are good examples of things that may be drawn or sketched but are not easily reproduced in the real world.

Good luck. smile.png

*Edit in to add: The walls are true walls to allow the building of the roof system, except that the partial walls where the window is placed are invisible. The items built out of soffits include: replacement visible walls above and below the window (interior and exterior soffits above and below), the window trim, the window sash and sill, and the window glass.


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