Framing Overview - roof material started showing up


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I use HomeDesigner Suite 2015 (Mac).


I do this to create the Perspective Framing Overview:  3D > Create Camera View > Framing Overview


Previously, it would show the framing for the roof (assuming I had built a roof).  But at some point recently, it started displaying the roof material so that I can't see the roof framing any more.  I attached a picture.


When I delete the roof, it removes the framing as well.  When I re-build the roof, the roof material shows up again.  The framing for the walls and floors shows up just fine.


I want to be able to see the roof framing, as I used to be able to.  How do I make it so that the roof material (standing seam metal roof in this case) does not obscure the roof framing in the Perspective Framing Overview?  


Thank you.


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it appears you have turned on many things in Display Options while in the Framing view , turn them back off Roof Planes , Terrain Perm. , Retaining Walls? Usually the foundation is on , if built too


it's usually a good idea to post the Plan file if you have weird issues going on , there are just too many things to check  and it's a good idea to Fill in you Forum Profile Signature so people will always know what software you have , as that is very pertinent to many answers , as all 5 versions have different options/features.




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