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  1. Sandman

    Framing Overview - roof material started showing up

    That did it - thank you! When viewing the Perspective Framing Overview, click: Tools > Display Options > Roof Planes
  2. Hi, I use HomeDesigner Suite 2015 (Mac). I do this to create the Perspective Framing Overview: 3D > Create Camera View > Framing Overview Previously, it would show the framing for the roof (assuming I had built a roof). But at some point recently, it started displaying the roof material so that I can't see the roof framing any more. I attached a picture. When I delete the roof, it removes the framing as well. When I re-build the roof, the roof material shows up again. The framing for the walls and floors shows up just fine. I want to be able to see the roof framing, as I used to be able to. How do I make it so that the roof material (standing seam metal roof in this case) does not obscure the roof framing in the Perspective Framing Overview? Thank you.