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Tips for Exporting to Autocad - Dimensions & Text

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 I am trying to export a plan created in Home Designer Pro 2014 to a .dxf file for my engineer to work with.  I am importing the .dxf into both Autocad 2015 and Autosketch 9 (2004).  


I am having difficulty with the text elements and dimensions.  I set CA to use the font "City Blueprint" for ALL text styles, because I heard it was the most widely compatible, but it is not coming through properly in the .dxf.   The room names appear in City Bluprint but they are larger and more spread out.  The dimensions appear on the dxf in a smaller "Txt" font aslo have arrow ends rather than slash ends..  


Any suggestions?  I know I will have to do some work to clean it up but hopefully I don't have to redimension the whole plan.  (I have tried exporting to older and newer file formats available for Autocad, that does not seem to make any difference.)  The snapshots below show the plan in .plan and in .dxf



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