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I am having a problem with the appearance of appliances, they just render in shades of very dark grey. Other items seem to render fine, it seems it is just appliances for some reason.


Any ideas?


Operating system: Windows 7 64bit

Graphics card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

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With the HD Program Open , just double click on the file, where-ever you downloaded it too and you will find the new library in your USER LIBRARY under STAINLESS STEEL.


if that doesn't work for some reason you can also use the Library>Import Library>Import Calibz File option


from the manual

  1. from the menu select Library> Import Library to display the Import Library Data dialog.

  2. Browse to the .calibz file that you want to import and select the file so that its name displays in the File Name field.

  3. Click the Open button.

  4. A progress bar will display, telling you the progress of each library data file as it is imported.

    Once imported, each file will be located in the User Catalog of the Library Browser.
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