renaming the attic so I can get a roof plan

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I have floor plans designed, but now realize I have incorrectly labeled the floors.

I started with the basement and called it “0”  The house will be built on the side of a hill and this will be a walkout basement.

The main floor I called “1”

So far, this seems to be OK.

I have a room in the attic and I called this floor ”2”

I then have a floor “3” which is like a widows walk (I call it an observation deck).

How do I rename floor “2” to "attic" so I can get a roof plan?

Is there a provision for something above the attic?


I am using Home Designer Architectural 2014







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it would be best to post the plan  , see the second link in my Forum signature below and also fill in you Forum Profile Signature section so we know what year and version of the Home Designer Products you are using as they all have different capabilities.


Any room can be renamed an attic in the Room's DBX  (dialog box) on the General Tab , however I don't know if that's what you really need to do to get a Roof , Roofs either Auto build or need to be built in Pro if Auto Roof is Off.



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Renaming a floor to attic would have nothing to do with the roof generation (basically, your question makes no sense), so I second Mick's recommendation to attach the plan so we can figure out why your roof isn't being created when you build it.

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