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  1. Ok, never mind... I just extended the invisible front room to include the garage as well and problem solved. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Well, it is definitely getting there. I didn't think about the Open Below to handle the floor, but as you can see in the picture some siding is still showing (odd, huh?) and also when I align the overhangs the overhang over the attached garage vanishes! I've attached the sample for you to look at. Thanks again for the help! UPDATE: Ok, I changed the foundation to slab and that took care of the lower siding problem. Now if the garage overhang lined up everything would be great. sample.plan
  3. LOL look at the lengths of the overhangs... obviously the top one is much shorter than the bottom one. It could be the angle of the camera I suppose, since it almost looks like the roof pitches don't match, either.
  4. Close, but the overhangs look like they don't match.
  5. Hi, Solver and thanks for the reply. There are a few problems with this solution (I tried it already): the roof lines won't match unless I adjust the room height, even then the overhang extends beyond the roof line on the second floor, and also the floor of the "invisible front room" creates a porch-like area that I don't want. If you can make it work with the provided sample file, let me know... :-)
  6. I am building a saltbox style design but would like to have the roof line extend on the first floor as shown in the image. But, if I align the second floor wall over the first floor wall, the "extension" part of the roof. I have included a sample .plan file in case someone can give me help. Thanks! sample.plan
  7. Yeah, this work around has been suggested before when I was trying to do this build a few months ago. It doesn't really work well either. It bugs me because I could use automatic dormers, but I get errors because the walls are too close, etc. Just another limitation in the software I suppose. If anyone comes up with a solution that works (I posted the .plan to try it out), please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I tried it but no luck, the dormer walls still drop to the "floor" as before. Ultimately, the dormer floor will be there (it becomes the sleeping loft), but since it is back slightly from the dormer walls, the opening will allow a sight-line to the other first-floor section.
  9. Hi, I am trying to manually draw a shed dormer for my tiny house. I can do it making the "dormer" the second level only, but then the exterior wall blocks the view to the open area below. So... here is a different idea and I need your all knowledgeable help. As you can see in the one image, the dormer walls drop all the way to the "floor" level instead of following the roof line. The outside looks right, but I can't get the interior to work out. I've attached the plan as well. Play around and let me know if you have an questions about it. Oh, and the idea is pretty straight forward from the outside view, so delete or change any interior walls as needed. Thanks! TEMP.plan
  10. So, I have made my sample butterfly roof, but I wonder if it is possible to have different roof slopes. In this example, I would like the shorter section to have a 10 slope, and the larger section will have a slope of 4. I've posted the plan. Any thoughts? butterfly_example.plan
  11. putting a open invisible cabinet next to it visually did the trick, but it should be a feature you can disable. work-arounds like this show weaknesses in programs.
  12. GroverJR

    Cabinet extension

    I am trying to put a wall cabinet near a corner (about 2-3 inches from the edge wall) but it keeps automatically extending the cabinet face to fill the gap between the cabinet and the side wall (see attached). Is there anyway to turn of the feature where cabinets automatically connect to other cabinets and walls near them?
  13. GroverJR

    Corn Crib walls

    Yeah, I just checked trial versions of the other software and couldn't find anything about making tilted wall in those either. I have been experimenting with shapes and such to make the "look" of a slanted wall, but the problem arises later with windows, etc. since the polys block them. Now I am experimenting with glass walls...
  14. GroverJR

    Corn Crib walls

    I was wondering in HD Suite if there is a way to have slanted walls (like in a corn crib, see attached)? Basically, the "floor is smaller than the area of the roof since the walls angle outwards. I have been looking, but haven't found anything yet... Thanks!
  15. GroverJR

    roof problem

    It is hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but it looks like you set the pitch of a wall to near zero and not the others (I guess you want a relatively flat roof?). If you try setting all the wall roof pitches to zero, it might fix the problem.