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    Front Facade

    I am trying to input the front facade that I drew in the attached pdf. I have most of it entered, but I have the front entrance that has: 1) from the roof/gutters down the side walls of the covered entry, there is a reverse stair step down to the side wall (not sure exactly what its called but)2) the base of the 2nd floor sets out before going straight downOn the plans, it is all straight. I want to make sure the framer and brick mason have it on the plans correctly.Thanks,Bill 3768_Montevallo_Addition-v13.plan
  2. Those windows are for the second floor. The roof that is going through them is suppose to be to roof for that 2nd floor room. thanks
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  4. From the album: roof

    roof through 2nd story
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  6. From the album: roof

    roof through 2nd floor
  7. I want the roof over the second story (right portion of the house). Ultimately, I want the right wall to be a knee wall (have tried checking knee wall, but nothing changes) and the ceiling to follow the roof line in that room. I have all walls unchecked from knee wall and the attached picture is what I have...no idea why Thank you! Bill
  8. I can not figure out why when I manually place a 2 roof planes over a section of the house, the roofs go straight through the rooms. The rooms have check by roof over this room. Thanks for your help!!!