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  1. I modified the roof manually in planview using HD Pro very quickly. If you don't have Pro, for the automatic roof to work, I did these steps:

    1. Remove the setting for the walls to extend the roof downward
    2. Make the wall thickness is the same as wall 3 and align collinear; set to high shed gable
    3. Set wall 3 to high shed gable; and do the same to the wall in the attic; then, for the attic wall align it with the wall below
    4. Lower the nook ceiling height ½” – not sure why…
    5. Set wall 5 to full gable


  2. Michelle,  a few things seem to be going on:


    1. for your framing overview - turn off the layer 'roof planes' if you don't want to see them.  They are located under the display options - see attached


    2. you are seeing red, because a> you maybe missing textures; you would know if you get a message when you do a 3D view; it could be that you moved the plan from it's original location; or, b> did you turn on watercolor?  you may have to call so we know more info.  (my view looks okay, but it is missing some of your textures)



  3. Bryan, you can use the tool "convert polyline".  It will show up once you select the object you want to convert in the lower menu.  You can then choose the option to convert it to a terrain feature and set the height and thickness.  See the attached image.


  4. Yes – that can be frustrating actually.  The library for railing styles is limited to the millwork category – so the panels from the fence & railings will not work as you might expect they would (they should).


    I’m not sure what version you have, but in HD Pro, you can draw a manual railing and use the panels (use the railing wall tool and set to follow stairs - see attached)  Sorry for the inconvenience – it is something we have on our list to address.