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  1. Home Designer Pro has an ICF wall type.  You can also customize the wall's layers to your specific needs.



  2. Serviteur, if you are after the other roof planes to match at 35 deg.  You can use the join roof planes tool.  It will need to be repeated on the opposite side. See if that works.



  3. Casey, can you repost your updated plan.  I suspect that perhaps you did not make a copy of the material and it's changing in places you don't want.

  4. Looks like you are on the right track – making copies of the materials and changing the angle.  One additional step, is to adjust the offset of the material – I measured -2 3/8” and that worked (be sure to make a copy of the material so your other wall does not change).  See the attached screen grabs.  









  5. The Chief Architect 3D Viewer  is 'view' only.  If you want, download the free apple or android app and try it out to see how it works.

  6. With Suite & Architectural you can print most items a building dept. may require - but, you would need to see what they need.  Pro has a construction document tool called Layouts that make the process easier.  That product can be rented for $59/mo.   Link product compare matrix. Give our sale dept. a call so we can help further.

  7. If you need to post the plan, you could use a zip file or post a link on a cloud drive.


    It appeared in the plan view your ceiling plane was over the top of one of the walls.

  8. John, the video you were watching most likely was on “Chief Architect” – our product line for the professional designers.  One of the key features in this product line are the added dockable side windows for the (1) Project Browser and, (2) Active Layer Display Options (all Home Designer products have the (3) Library Browser).  You can learn more on the product differences of Chief Architect Premier and Home Designer Pro in this Link.



    Chief Architect Premier.png

  9. To create roads & driveways you will want to first create a terrain perimeter.  Consider switching your tools to the terrain mode (1) while working on terrains; create your terrain perimeter (2); from the terrain menu (3) you will see the road / driveway tools.



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