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  1. I'm going to return my HD Pro 2019 and just continue using 2017.
  2. I'm not trying to be terse, but both your and AppleWalker's suggestion about enhanced lighting proves the theory that the previous responses have not been read. My hardware lines are on the lowest settings. Those of us experiencing these issues have tried literally every combination of toggles and default and preference settings. If it's a known issue with AMD (not something I've experienced before as a 10 year user of this software, several versions), then why are others with different video cards experiencing the same issues? You're experiencing no issues with rendering in HD Pro 2019?
  3. I appreciate your input, but I'm not sure you read the preceding posts? It doesn't matter the plan - a plan of my own, or a template - lights added, or lights turned on, ambient lighting turned way up or not. AMD as well as other cards are having this issue.
  4. Installed the update. No changes. I was advised to turn off ambient occlusion - I did so. No change. My renderings are still the same as they were in the attached photos.
  5. I just got the update message, as well and am downloading now - fingers crossed!
  6. Yes - I'd wager that most of us who utilize this program on a daily basis are running it on some pretty serious machines. I upgraded from Pro 2017 to Pro 2019 - I never had any issues in 2017, or any of the versions of the software I've used for almost a decade. I'm not certain that this is a video card issue, actually, because it would seem that certain things could be made to work by "turning off" options which have a heavy drag on our systems. So far, even with every possible option turned off, I still cannot cast a shadow or get anything other than a fairly flat looking rendering.
  7. I got the same response - that my video card, while supported, was running on a driver that might be too old. It's the latest driver for my video card though. I'm also more than happy to put in a new video card, but I, too, wanted to make sure that doing so would actually fix the problem. David, you said in a previous post that you and others who worked on the development end were also having issues and complained about the same things we are having issues with. Are you saying that you can now render with shadows and reflections in Pro 2019? Could you attach one of your Pro 2019 renderings so I and others can see what quality you're getting? Thanks!
  8. This is exactly what I'm experiencing. I have a tech on my trouble ticket but don't have communication from him, yet. I think the issue is with the enhanced lighting, as well = with it on, everything is dark and unstructured. With it off, I get a fairly good rendering, but absolutely no shadows or reflections. Fingers crossed for a fix!
  9. David - thanks for your candor. It's very appreciated. I went back to the Home Designer website and looked at their promotional materials for 2019 - it shows beautiful renderings like we've gotten before in previous versions, so it would seem that someone is able to use the program effectively? Or this is false advertising? I'm eager to move forward with 2019, but this is really cramping my productivity!
  10. Hi David, I appreciate your input - I love the program, but if this issue continues, I'd prefer to go back to my previous version. The other user and I both have issue tickets in with Tech Support and are awaiting help. You're able to get renderings in Home Designer Pro 2019 without issue? The settings have indeed changed quite a bit, seemingly - I'm a long time Home Designer user, with a tech background, but am completely stymied as to how to make this thing work properly. It's never given me shadows, even when restored to default, or adjusting lighting, sun, or any other option. If you know the proper adjustments, perhaps you could share so I could try them on my end? Thanks!
  11. I agree. There seems to be no support or troubleshooting for 2019 yet and when I read through the accompanying documents, some of the menu items weren't even addressed. I haven't gotten a response yet, but hopefully will, soon! I owe renderings to clients this week!
  12. Weird! I'm glad I'm not alone, though. Hopefully there's just a setting we're missing - otherwise it's going to be very frustrating trying to get realistic renders to clients! I also submitted a tech support ticket yesterday but haven't heard back, yet.
  13. Also - in 2019 there doesn't appear to be a final render option? And does anyone know a better way to get to the 3D camera view option toggle buttons? It's tedious to have to go into that drop down menu over and over. Thanks!
  14. Turned on in both default settings and in 3D toggles. I've seriously tried just about every combination and just can't seem to figure it out. I feel like there's something I'm missing... but I don't know what!
  15. Is anyone else having issues with the rendering in 2019. I can get a good render, but absolutely cannot get shadows. I can get reflections to work, only with Enhanced Lighting on, but with that on, the entire render is off. If anyone has the magic key, I'd love to know! My video card meets system requirements.