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  1. belmont

    Custom cabinet doors

    Is there a way to customize cabinet doors and drawers? I have a customer who has tall ceilings and wants full height wall cabinets. I would like to show her a 3D rendering of what that would look like with a 54" tall cabinet door with a rail about 2/3 of the way up the door. I can't find any way to add the extra rail to the door. The closest I can get is by making a smaller 16" cabinet and putting it on a 48" cabinet, but that doesn't give me the true look of a single door with an extra rail.
  2. belmont

    Angled soffit open sides

    Hi, I am working on a kitchen design in an existing old house. Currently, there is a stairway going up on the back side of the kitchen wall that causes part of the ceiling to be angled to match the underside of the stairs in the kitchen. I created this portion of angled ceiling with a soffit, but I can't figure out how to close the side and run crown around the top of it. It ends about 8" from a wall, so it will need to be stretched out to that wall for the purposes of crown. Any suggestions?
  3. belmont

    Tapered Pillar

    Thanks. Will try that.
  4. belmont

    Tapered Pillar

    Is it possible to make tapered pillars in HDS Pro 2014? I would like to have some pillars supporting a roof overhang, with the bottom part square stone and the top part tapered trim.
  5. belmont


  6. belmont


    I'm using HD Pro 2014. The problem with turning off the foundation layer is that it looks funny in the elevation. Say the house is out of the ground about 24", so I have steps coming off the front and back door. How do I show the 24" of foundation that is above ground without showing what is below ground?
  7. belmont


    How do I remove the portion of the basement that is below the terrain line when I take an elevation? Or, can I do an elevation without even drawing a terrain perimeter?
  8. belmont


    Thanks for the replies. I have Pro.
  9. belmont


    How do I get an exterior elevation that only shows what you would actually see when you are looking at the house, i.e. no foundation or basement walls showing below the terrain line?
  10. belmont

    bow and bay windows

    There is no place to enter any measurements into the DBX. The only way I can change the size is by manually clicking and dragging, and even then it will only let me adjust the width. Dragging the walls down or up does nothing to the height of the windows. It won't let me adjust the height anywhere that I can find. The DBX only gives me options for roof line, suppressing dimensions, and adjusting framing between windows.
  11. belmont

    bow and bay windows

    Didn't have any luck with the manuals. I am using Pro 2014. I am very new to the program and I don't know what DBX is. Could you explain please?
  12. belmont

    bow and bay windows

    How do I edit the height of a bow or bay window in home designer pro? If I open the edit object screen there is no place to edit the size.