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  1. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    I abandoned the plan. Started over, and it allowed me to change the direction. Guess I solved it, but when previously drawn, was stubborn and wouldn't let me adjust anything. Thank you for all the help. Appreciated.
  2. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    Yes, it's not very intuitive or easy to find if it exists in my version. The reference manual could take a year to read since it doesn't approach this subject directly!
  3. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    I give up. Going to make a custom countertop showing the decking the way I want it and place it on the deck!
  4. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    Yep, that's the only way I could change the direction to 90 degrees.
  5. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    Solver, I did that. Kept it at 0.0, no change. I manually changed it to 90 degrees, no change. Do I have faulty software?
  6. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    Thanks, Swarren. There is no feature like that in Pro 2015. Very frustrating to have an expensive system with so little options!
  7. elmerfudd

    Deck direction

    I am drawing an attached deck to a home. I want the direction of the decking 90 degrees to what is automatically generated. I've tried to manually draw the deck joist to accommodate the new deck direction. I've tried to manually change the decking direction to no avail. I can't find anything in the ref guide which covers this. The "automatic" framing check can't be accessed; it's semi opaque. How do I change my decking direction? My idea is better than what is automatically generated! This is driving me nuts, and the deck looks horrible with the automatic framing. There has to be a simple way to do this. Home designer pro 2015. Any "simple" solutions out there? More simply stated, the deck boards currently goes North to South. I want them to go East to West... Anybody?