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  1. When I made two walls in and L shape (The Exterior reference walls imported from SketchUp). There is created a "Box" around the shape. So when I add walls from a perspective view all is cool. But in plan view picking anywhere in the rectangular area made up by the two walls that make an "L shape", Always picks the Imported Reference walls and you always have to use the "pick next" button to modify the walls etc..... I noticed a "bring object to front" option, but have not found a send to rear option? Is there such a thing? Otherwise I'll keep doing it the slow way. Thanks !!! Matte
  2. MatE

    Center Plot

    Thank you both, I haven't played with the layout yet, so that will be a good education to play with. Some how (By Accident) The Sheet Boundrys shows up under the plan view, I might have selected as you mentioned accidently? I Windowed all and "back" windowed just the page to deselect it. then moved with the "grab box" "I think"??? Thanks Again
  3. MatE

    Center Plot

    Does anyone know Where is the button to center drawing image to print/plot page is, mine drawing is stuck just above the chosen paper size image area? Thanks !!!
  4. Thanks for the tip, I got lucky on my SketchUp import, but will now do as a.3ds as you suggest, Thanks for saving me future problems!
  5. Hi Eric, I got it to work much "better" I took the original Sketchup model and made a copy and erased everything but the exterior walls and holes for the windows and doors that will go in it. I then imported just the existing exterior walls and created the interior walls and doors (So Far) In HD Pro, and checked the material list all info is listed as expected and just one line easily noticed calling out the exterior wall form in a separate line in the pricing list. And I can still see the Exterior wall form that the remodel addition will butt up against, I still have a ways to go (This is my first actual HD Pro Design /Pricing Model). I still have to see how the Storage ceiling and Accessories show up? But it looks promising.
  6. Thanks for the reply Eric. I tried it but data still shows up in the material list? I guess I will have to export it as a .STL file into Sketchup then re-insert those walls back in with no data attached and just add my interior walls and things from there...I think that will work, though it's a lot of extra work... I thought there would be some basic shape objects to draw in the program that don't show up in the material list?
  7. I am doing a simple remodel of a few 8 foot high rectangular room forms against an existing exterior wall with a 30 foot roof height..... What tool do I use to draw the exterior walls, or a basic rectangle that I can extrude to bump the inter walls against so the exterior form does not get included on the parts breakdown export? Thanks, MatE
  8. MatE

    Shorten Tab View Names?

    Thanks Solver, Just posted it, hope they take notice?
  9. MatE

    User Groups ?

    I noticed the main Chief Arch. program has user groups... Is there a way to make some for us Home Designer customers? It would be nice to start one in my area (North of Spokane WA). But listing in in the Chef Architect User Group area will probably not get much notice as (I / We) only look in this Home Designer Area. Thanks MatE
  10. Hi All, Is there a way to make the "view tab names" at the top of page shorter? I seams to put in the entire path instead of "Plan or Front View, Sect A, ISO 1", etc. Thanks MatE
  11. Hi all, does there exist user groups for the home designer line? Or only for the full blown Chief Architect products?
  12. MatE

    3D Export

    Nope... Its a Ruby you just add to your existing set that you can get at Sketchup or Sketchucation.
  13. MatE

    3D Export

    Thanks David, you sent me down the right road!
  14. MatE

    3D Export

    OK I found the "trick?". My goal was to mix an existing part of a house with the remodel part. But only get a cut list for the remodel part... Here is a newby solution that might work, haven't finished testing... Create the existing Bldg. 1 - Export existing Bldg. as an .slt file > import into Sketchup > Erase all extra stuff > save 2 - Import this back into HD Pro. (It's just a block now - Haven't tested coloring it) 3 - Draw new remodel data and put it up to the imported block? 4 - ? parts output now only lists the new remodel portion? Pretty crude.... But it might work? Still a lot of playing to do?
  15. MatE

    3D Export

    I have Home Designer Pro 2016. I can see many useful things I could do If I can figure out some form of a 3D export of the forms created with HD Pro, Even if I loose all intelligent data and it's just one combined shape. I thought the DXF export would retain the 3D info? Like other program exports do? Thanks for your reply!
  16. MatE

    3D Export

    I has trying to export a simple model, but the DXF option looses all the 3D data? It is only Flat? This is the only program I use that looses the 3D Data, is there something I need to "Fix?".
  17. Thanks, Hopefully the update reflects the "Pro" status. That is sort of what I was thinking, I have only had the program for a few days, still haven't had time to play with it too much. I haven't tried making two models yet, Exist and New and seeing if I can Copy/ Xref into each other? Too bad we can only import from SketchUp and not export! Even if we loose all intelligence to the parts, At least we could group and color differently for presentation purposes only?
  18. Hello, When doing a remodel there is three basic parts to the process: 1 - The Existing building that will not change 2 - The Area to Demo 3 - The area to add New Is there a way to separate or "Block" each of these stages separately, so when I generate a parts cut lost I do not mix up the Existing part of the building where no cut list is required, with the New areas where the materials list is desired? Also.... Is there a way to "Shade or color" the groups separately? IE - Existing as a Grey scale or hidden line and the NEW addition area as colored to show the area of work more clearly? Thanks, Matte
  19. MatE

    Sketchup and HD Pro

    Hi All, I am really new to this program, (Just got in a few Hours ago). To help myself NOT go down the wrong path, I was hoping to get your advice...... I am "guessing" that importing lots of my Sketchup creations will be fine for objects (Tables, Chairs, Etc.) for use in the model. But it looks? like importing an entire model is useless if we want all the wall, window data, etc. to operate in an intelligent HD Pro drawing. It looks like it is best to just measure the Sketchup drawing, Print it out and Redraw in HD Pro from scratch to get all the cool data attached to the objects. Or am I off track? Thanks for your advice!!!