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  1. Thanks Jo_Ann, It looks like i"ll have to contact Customer Service tomorrow since I have HD Suite 2014 and the it looks like the transfer operation is a little different.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow. Got company coming right now.
  3. Neither my old computer nor my new computer has a CD burner.
  4. It appeared that the file or program was transferred but when I tried to open it in the new computer when I tried to open Home Designer there was nothing there.
  5. I only got the download version and not the CD. I tried a thumb drive in the USB port and after transferring to the new computer it didn't appear that there was anything there.
  6. Even if it's Home Designer 2014?
  7. I haven't been on this site for some time. I've been building my house with plans created from my Home Designer software. My old laptop computer broke the hinge on my screen away from the main . It is barely useable so I bought a new laptop and would like to transfer the software to the new laptop. Is this doable?
  8. The ridgeline would go from the left to the right, east to west. So the approximate roof dimension would be a 4 x 36 on the north side of the building and an 8 x 36 facing the south.
  9. I'm trying to design a roof on an outbuilding (12'x36') and the instruction for making the saltbox roof don't seem to be working. I must be doing something wrong. Charla's ched.plan
  10. I'm trying to figure my flooring needs and was wondering if there is a quick way to figure the square footage of the room. I thought that by highlighting the room a dialog box might pop up to give me the dimensions or square footage of the highlighted area.
  11. Sorry, I forgot to add what I highlighted in your post.
  12. I got hold of the technical support this afternoon and here's what I found out. I had clicked the auto interior dimensions, then I proceeded to "adjust" the dimensions to put them in a more logical place. I then turned the display for dimensions off. Then at a later date I must have clicked auto interior dimensions again. The old relocated dimensions were remembered along with the new "standard" dimensions. That gave me the multiple dimensions for the interior.
  13. Well I just opened it up again and I now have a single set of dimensions, What a hoot! I know that I set the parameters of the dimensions but I don't remember where. Yes there will be studded walls in the lower level. This is in the frozen north, Michigan.
  14. Modified roof..plan Yes, after I Edit > Delete Objects > Automatic Dimensions and then select Auto interior dimensions it then comes back doubled up
  15. DJP, I'm not sure of what you are suggesting for the alternative methods. I tried " (Edit > Delete Objects > Automatic Dimensions) and then rediminsioned" and that didn't work. I'm open to addition measures (except on plan). LOL
  16. I believe that it just showed up today. I did finally get a screen capture.
  17. How do I eliminate the duplicate dimensions that show up only on the lower floor.
  18. Starting today I am getting both levels showing up in my view. If I go the basement level the first floor is shown in red. If I go to the first level then the basement level shows up in red. What did I do?
  19. Thanks, that works. I misread what you said.
  20. Solver, I did try that and wasn't able to do anything when I right clicked on the materials.
  21. Is there an easy way to select the materials once you have specified your preferences? For example I want to put a 3' Desert stone veneer ( soffit) all along the front of my house. Is there a way that I don't have to go through all the drop downs each time that I want to select the materials?
  22. Thanks, I did check the bonus library and only the round were available. How do I get the columns that you referenced into my library?