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  1. I have a 6" overhang on the back of this island cabinet. Where this meets the end cabinet there is no overhang. How do I clip this corner of the countertop to fit. I drew a line where the clip should be. Thanks in advance for any help Custom Countertop Cutting.dwg
  2. Do you know if I updated to the 2021 program when it came out if possibly they updated the program after that and that might be the issue??
  3. This doesnt work in my version of HomeDesigner Pro 2021. When I create the pony wall I only show two handles in elevation view. One in the top center and one in the bottom center.
  4. Thanks so much, gives me a good starting point. I was totally lost
  5. I’m taking by the silence this is not possible with this software?
  6. I am looking to open up under stairway. How do I cut the wall out to follow the bottom of the stairway. At this point Im using a doorway without casing or jamb, if I could reshape this doorway top, that would be the answer. I dont want to expose the stairway.