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  1. Hi very similar experience for our wet-room concept. Used base cabinets - 16 3/4" high, no toe kicks, no overhang. Used [F11] to place under cabinets and to the edge of the actual internal tub (not outer edge) - Used the Kohler Alcove air tub from library. this is not finished as yet - I removed the glass wall as it was annoying in the image I am not sure why outdoor light invaded! Use the Chief architect panorama viewer to the one pic
  2. Hi, This is as close as I can get it "Live" by removing all the 3D options
  3. Hello Wise Users of Home Designer Pro (Using the latest distribution version of 64 bit 2023, build I found a modern Garage Door out on 3D Warehouse giving the general vibe of door style not found in the stock library nor in a Manufacturer one. Imported the symbol (.skp format) no issues (custom 18' x 8' modern door) I could not locate anything to define the object as a "door" other than [Components] [ID] "Doors" from the drop down. When placing the new 3d symbol into the location on the garage wall, it insists on not inserting like a door - and deflects to inside or outside the wall - so it does not auto frame like a stock door. After placing the new garage door, one can shift the symbol into the wall - but it is an overlay and does not frame the door. I'm trying to locate where such behavior parameters can be set. No luck under [Open Object] Nothing under any of the tabs changes the 3D symbol behavior to make it behave like a "door" - as in "show open in 3d" Any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi, I've dug all over with no success to find how to make an object behave like a light in the 3d view (able to turn on/off or adjust lighting parameters). Specifically, how to designate an object within a 3d shape is a light, allowing lighting parameters to be controlled. I created a 3d model in Sketchup and also using the soffit tool in HomeDesigner Pro (latest). Thank you for your understanding. Pure Edge Glide Wood fixture.pdf