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  1. It is a symbol in the Kohler file from Home Designer. I made 4 thin cabinets to surround the tub. about 8" wide each and the dropped the tub into it. thanks for the quick responses. Elliot
  2. I just tried that. and I put a granite counter on top. but it did the same thing. It cuts the tub at the granite level and I see granite inside the tub. Im using a 3d from Kohler. Could that 3d image be my problem?
  3. I am trying to put a Kohler whirlpool drop-in tub 72x42x24" in a bathroom design. I tried building a slab 80"x48"x24 and then I put the tub into the slab. It looks ok except you see the slab material on the inside of the tub like its not cutting the slab. then I dont see the interior of the tub. So I tried it with a soffit in the same dimensions and got the same results. I tried changing the interior of the tub to match the white of the fiberglass of the rest of the tub and that worked but it also changed the whole slab and the whole soffit to the same white. I intend to cover the tub de
  4. Thanks so much. that's truly amazing that you would create a video and put it up on youtube today to help me with my question. I will watch it again and then apply the lesson.
  5. I am trying to draw just a bathroom plan. It isn't a whole house, just a bathroom. It measures about 163x93 interior floor dims with a partition wall separating two areas. the right wall will be 100" high and the left wall will be 118" high. I can create a plan and set the default value for ceiling for floor 1 at either the 100 or the 118. But I am trying to make one wall shorter than the other to create the sloped ceiling. Not working. The only info I found on adjusting one wall height was to look at it in doll house view and drag the top handle of the wall down or up. I tried that but t
  6. Eric The solution worked. The daylight basement was on the basement layer so when I turned on that layer, the views showed all the basement walls. The struggle I am having now is related to which layers items are drawn on. For instance I drew in cad a number of lines on the site plan such as the outline of the septic drainfield and the septic reserve area. It of course assigns it to the CAD layer. But when I go back to the floor plan, that layer is also on because there are items drawn in that layer on the floor plan. So when I am working on the floor plan I still have all the CAD lin
  7. Thx I will try that Thanks File is attached.
  8. Eric My plan file is attached. Thanks for taking a look at this for me. Elliot Eskengren3.plan
  9. I turned on the layers and the joists and trusses showed up in the section. but I still cannot get all floors to show. I have attached a section and an elevation. thanks so much it shows in the 3D
  10. I am working on a two story house, first floor and a daylight basement. I keep cutting cross section/elevations but it only shows the first floor, attic, and roof. What do I do to get it to show everything from footing to roof? And then how can I get it to show the rafters and floor joists in the section also? I have attached a 3d of the rear of the house with the addition showing. thanks Eskengren 3D view3.pdf
  11. Eric thanks for the quick reply. I did update my profile before I posted so no idea why it still said Architectural. I will study the method of plotting from multiple plans on one layout sheet.
  12. I recently upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2020 because I need the functionality of creating 18x24" drawing sheets for submittal to the local county. I am doing a remodel on a large house and I have spent the last couple of days drawing the house as it exists, and learning HD Pro which is a wonderful program. My question is that I have to show the building as it exists now and how it will look after the remodel is complete. You know, before and after views. I have the before views almost finished but I don't know how to then create the after views without modifying the original view. And
  13. YankeeBob Thanks for sharing that. I am using Home Designer Architect but getting ready to upgrade to Home Designer Pro because I need to plot building plans. I am a designer and have been printing 24x36 on my HP Designjet T120 for years using DataCad. But I love the 3D functionality of the Home Designer software. I am doing a lot of kitchens and baths and the clients love it. I understand the idea of doing 12x18 layouts and, saving as PDF and then plotting it to my Architect D size plotter. But what about line weights? What happens to all the line weights and the resolution of the plo
  14. David thanks for the quick reply. I tried the custom backsplash. Piece of cake. Just what I needed. we do a lot of very custom and detailed tile work and this will help me a lot. Elliot
  15. Good evening I am new to this forum. I just began to use Home Designer Architectural 2020 a few days ago and I have attached a couple of 3D views of my first bathroom. I absolutely love this program and I find it very intuitive. But I have decades of CAD experience, mostly with DataCad. More recently with a 3D program similar to Home Designer Architectural but this one is light years ahead of what I have used before. I have already dazzled my client with a quick 3D of their bathroom. But I am stuck on trying to create an accent tile within the tile shower. I have drawn as yo