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  1. I had figured it might be CAD work....but was hoping that Pro could somehow incorporate the FOUNDATION DEFAULTS>OPTIONS settings, wherein you can specify the number of bars per course, spacing, rebar size, etc. That's unfortunate. I appreciate your help nonetheless. Thanks for the tip to not over detail - very good point!
  2. Yes, I see the steel in the detail you showed above. Thanks for posting that. And the steel in that detail is one part of what I'm aiming for. I also want to include the the horizontal and vertical rebar in the floor and walls. Did you create the steel by simply using the CAD>CIRCLES menu item and manually placed circles to represent rebar?
  3. Hi Eric, I have searched and reviewed some articles which help creating a detail in general, but I can't find anything regarding showing rebar in the detail drawing.
  4. Thank you for letting me know. To create details like the one you posted, where do I start? Is there a menu item?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to draw concrete footings, concrete foundation walls and a concrete slab on grade. Each of these need to show reinforcing steel (rebar) on the plan I submit to the local Building Department for a building permit. How do you draw the layout of the rebar in Home Designer Pro? For example, the footings will be 30" wide by 10" high, with three 10M-sized rebar running the length of the footing spaced 12" apart, and 3" from either side of the footing and 3" up from the bottom of the footing. Is Home Designer Pro or Chief Architect Premier capable of this type of structure detailing?
  6. Hi - I had a similar problem on an MacBook Pro. Holding down the CTRL key while scrolling with the mouse helped speed it up. However, I did eventually switch over to a Windows-based laptop and the issue disappeared altogether.
  7. I like the millwork around the treads. Adds a finishing touch.
  8. Thanks - that helps me visualize the access needed to reach the walk!
  9. Yay!! It finally worked! I'm very grateful to both you and Eric for the extensive feedback and eventually figuring out the software problem with HD Pro 2018, and how to work around the pony wall railing issue! On a personal note, I'm thinking of upgrading my software to avoid the pony wall glitch in the future.
  10. Interesting. Makes sense...will give it a try. Thanks Eric.
  11. Unfortunately, I didn't notice a difference. I'm current with updates as well. Something I just tried was changing the types of wall structures (brick, siding, ECF, etc.) used in both the upper and lower wall sections of the pony walls. It turns out that the pony wall behaves correctly with any of those wall types. However, if I use any of the railing settings for the upper wall section, it appears to display the railing in the lower section, and does change in height regardless of the height values I assign it.
  12. Hi Eric - I'm at a complete loss for why it's not working on my end. I've attached photos that portray the sequence of steps I've taken to adjust the height of the pony wall. As you can see in the photos, the wall does not change in height at all. And I downloaded the file which you're using (ie. the one I uploaded to the forum earlier) just to be sure I was using the same file as you. I really do appreciate the time you've taken to help me resolve this issue.
  13. Hi, you're correct about not having applied any of the directions in the plan I uploaded. I submitted the wrong plan - sorry about that. I've uploaded the one where I've applied ALL of the directions, and yet still there is no control of the lower wall of the pony walls. Colonial House Design - wide draft1.plan
  14. Yes. And the four pony walls of the widow's walk (Floor 4) will then show railings for the upper section of the walls. However, there does not seem to be any control of the height of the lower wall of the pony wall...which is needed to create the recessed "swimming pool" structure.