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  1. TheLunas

    Deleting Framing

    After reading some posts on framing, I learned how to look at a framing view + go to "edit-delete objects." Though when I go to that dialog box, I don't see all the objects that I can delete like it shows in other posts (ie: roof framing, roof trusses, etc). My roof and walls have all sorts of crazy stuff going on and I can't seem to delete them. Can I delete them individually?
  2. Sorry, next time I will be more specific. Okay, will check this topic out. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Can anyone be of assistance in how I create a loft? We do not have an attic and the upper loft of our home follows the roof line. Not sure how to accomplish this in Chief Architect??
  4. Here is the plan: I had to upload it to Google Drive. Please take a look! Thank you!!
  5. Hello, I am trying to create my home I currently live in + am having some issues with the roof + creating a loft (1.5 story home). For some reason, when I create the roof, on one side, it gives two roof edges. I'm not sure why this is and how I can get rid of it. Loft. Our home is 1.5 stories + has a loft space. I can't seem to create this without adding unnecessary walls. Our loft space follows the roof line. We are in the midst of trying to redo our living room + kitchen, take out stairs, etc which is why I'm trying to do this loft. Photos attached so you can understand! Thank you!! Here is the plan:
  6. After trying to create this, we are having some issues. The building has an identical dormer on the other side, but with no door or decking. When we build it, or just even one dormer on one side (like you did it), we can't seem to figure out how to delete a portion of the wall? The wall doesn't extend all the way into the space. The whole space is open up top. Let me show you what we have.
  7. Solver, thank you so much for the explanation! We appreciate your willingness to help!
  8. David, Wow, thanks so much! We just purchased the software last night + got hung up a bit. We let them create the second floor automatically instead of from a blank plan. Your video was super helpful and we appreciate the time you took to help us!
  9. Great!! We are complete novices and haven’t been able to figure it out. Any explanation would be fantastic!
  10. Hello! Yes, we have the Home Designer Architect version 2020!
  11. I am trying to replicate an additional building on my property that is 1.5 stories tall (garage below). The building has multiple dormers, one that has an exterior entrance door. I am having trouble creating this in the program because I can't delete the roof in front of the door. Does anyone know how to build this type of roof scenario? Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! We have Home Designer Architect 2020. See photos attached for reference.