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  1. I think what I did was click and drag the appliance over to the cabinet.
  2. Eric, Thanks for quick response. I can get the dishwasher to load into the design, but it is bigger the base cabinet. I found out that my version of the software doesn't allow me to change the size of the dishwasher. When I select the object it only allows me change the size of the cabinet. I play with it some more when I get home. I wasn't sure if my signature was showing. I appreciate the feedback.
  3. Mike, I've been having a problem with my dishwasher. Did you find a way to resolve your issue. Every time I drag the dishwasher to the cabinet and becomes bigger than the cabinet. My software will not allow me change the size of the dishwasher. I'm having the same problem with the kitchen sink. (I using Home Designer Essential 2019).
  4. David, I'm new to the Home Design hobby community. I see you have been extremely helpful to other members. Do you work for Chief Architect or are you a freelancer. I purchased Home Designer Essential 2019 and have begun the process of recreating my current home. I'm not a gamer and thought this would be a good hobby.

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      I do not currently work for Chief Architect Inc. I have been self-employed since 1999, teaching, tutoring, teaching seminars and one on one helping other users. I am not a "gamer" either, I design, draft and teach is my main profession.



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      Mahalo, I'll definitely keep your information for future reference.

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      I found the answer to me question in the sales section.