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  1. I trying to create a gable over a window. After I place the selection on the window. It shows in the plain view. Then I go to the roof build tool to build roof. I've tried a number of combination, but they all end up completely changing my edited roof.
  2. starreece

    Patio Screen

    I found the plan material and that made all the difference. I definitely learned something new today.
  3. starreece

    Patio Screen

    I'm trying to create a screen in patio walls with the lower half of metal. I found out how to create the screen in KB, but I can't determine which wall type to use.
  4. I'm having a new stand alone graphic card installed in my computer. If you go that route, you will probably need to install a new power source as well. I went with a 2Gb because I just use the program as a hobby. You can go as high as you want if your motherboard is compatible.
  5. Donco15, Go back and read the last comment from DavidJPotter about the video cards. You have the same problem I have. Your Intel video card is built into your mother board. It will only work to a certain point. I have the latest upgrade to my video card, but its not a stand alone video card. I didn't clearly understand this when I first started and got some bad information when I had Geek Squad check my computer to see if it would meet the minimum requirements.
  6. starreece

    Tool bars

    My apologies for using the wrong terminology. I was referring to the Extended Tool Configuration in CA. As always thanks for the assistance.
  7. starreece

    Tool bars

    I saw a video that showed a way to open all tool bars with one icon. Unfortunately, it was an icon only available in CA. Is there one in HD and I'm just missing it?
  8. D, I have encounter the same problem. Unfortunately, because of my work schedule. I haven't been able to sit down at my computer during the times that tech support is open. If you can, you might want to call them when your having this problem. I start to see the error after I have made several changes to my plan. It's a nuance, but it doesn't stop me from completing my task.
  9. starreece

    Interior walls

    When making changes to interior walls like adding material, how do you determine which is the interior side and which is the exterior side?
  10. I need to add the countertop backsplash behind my slide-in range. When I select the object it doesn't give me an option to change the backsplash because its not a cabinet I guess. The wall backsplash is correct. It's just the few inches above the range that I need to change. range.dxf
  11. starreece

    Tool bar icons

    Is there separate manual that shows all the icons on the tool bars and what they do. I download the User Manual and the Reference Manual. The video is helpful but I can't remember them all. In time I realize that will change.
  12. Are there any specific instruction in the help material (Knowledge Base/Videos) that address the issue of have a separate house connected to yours. My first concern is when I start working on my roof. I have read the instructions about creating a roof. I printed out KB-00127. It may not matter that there is home attached to mine, but I thought I asked. I have the Pitch/Angle/Grade/Rise&Run. My roof runs from front to back instead of side to side.
  13. Correction two sided.
  14. I live in a multi-family townhouse. Mine is one of the end unit (single story). The unit next me is two story. Are there any help topic in the Knowledge Base that I should read so I don't forgot something. I'm just starting to work on the roof which only slopes on three sides.
  15. 3D Warehouse, thanks for the additional resource.
  16. Thanks. I'm trying to take a couple of steps backward and get a better understanding of the software before I continue work on my plan.
  17. I watch the video and read the reference manual. I'm still not sure what the difference is between and defaults and preferences. I think one is permanent and the other has to set for each new plan. Can you please clarify.
  18. starreece

    Icon search

    I recently upgraded to Home Designer Pro and I can't seem to locate the Wall View icon. I've click on a lot of things. What does it look like.
  19. I found the answer to my question in the sales section.
  20. David, Thanks for the feedback. If I upgrade to Home Designer Professional will that have any effect on the plan I started in Essential. I have decided to get the best experience out of my new hobby, it would be best to upgrade to Professional.
  21. I was looking for additional catalogs for paint colors. Specifically, I wanted to download Behr & Sherwood. When I looked at the available catalogs for my program version, it didn't give me the option to download additional paint. Is this correct or did I miss something?
  22. Eric, I was able to figure it out. I just have to be aware there are some restriction in software I'm using. There are some things you can't do in Essential.
  23. I'll post my results later, Mahalo