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  1. I received a response from Home Designer support. Yes, there was a glitch, I had to go into my hard drive documents and make changes to Home Designer Architectural 2019 Data folder. Got me going.
  2. Ran the repair option no luck. Have submitted a request to Home Designer support.
  3. Thanks Eric. Good to know I did not do something dumb.
  4. Just spent an hour searching Home Designer for help on this issue - no luck. I did find an image which shows what I should see after going to File>New Plan. See image below. I get nothing like this. The "OK" button stays grayed out after I select units and template.
  5. Of course we can't believe all we see online, but if you see a design that looks appropriate, follow up by looking for other references to verify. I don't accept anything I see online until I see other credible sources that agree. Another source of information is your city or county building department. Often they will provide typical plans and useful design sketches. You are paying tax $ for the service, use it! I
  6. Garage stem wall? Slab only? That would be your decision. I'm thinking stem wall because that is what I'm used to. As a very basic place to start, you could just go to Google and enter "garage foundation" or "garage design" or similar queries. Select "images". You will be presented with about 46,700,000 results. You will not be the first to use this method...
  7. Returning after two years away, and have downloaded an update. Now when I go to File>New Plan I get a screen (see image) where I am asked to choose units and type of template. After I do so, ...nothing. Can not click "OK", can not progress. Yes, I must be rusty after not using program, but can't even get started! Thanks much.
  8. I have been working on material list and framing view for a couple of days so may be able to help. I upgraded to HD Architectural 2019, and NO you can not click on a framing member in List and go to Plan - or anywhere else. In Perspective Framing Overview you CAN use Adjust Material Definition to click on a framing member and be taken to a Define Material dialog. Once there, however, there is not much you can do. You can change stud spacing to anything your heart desires - 16", 24", 37", you name it. But you can not change floor joist, ceiling joist, or rafter spacing. Nor ca
  9. Is there a way to identify items in the material list re: where they fit on the framing diagram? That is, if I see "2x10 header" in the material list, is there a way to see where it is located in the structure? Other than guessing? Thanks.
  10. Bill98502

    Adding a porch

    So true, thank you David. My first drafting class was in high school, 1958. A few things have changed. Bill
  11. Bill98502

    Adding a porch

    Eric, yes I was able to build it but not with your magic touch. Realize that much of this is a learning experience for me. Good point re: new gable porch roof aligned with main roof. Bill
  12. Bill98502

    Adding a porch

    Eric, yes you were exactly right. I am adding a covered porch at the front of the main structure. Obviously it is not complete. Wanted to get the walls and roof first. Should I upgrade to Pro? Will it help? Thanks much, Bill
  13. Bill98502

    Adding a porch

    OK I'm adding a simple porch with a ceiling and gable roof height lower than the gable roof of an existing house. All is well except one wall has a siding height lower than the top plate. I redefined the three new walls for a ceiling height of 96", so that the new gable roof will be lower than the existing roof behind. Can't get the porch walls right! What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Patrick 2.plan
  14. Thank you Keith, yes that was my problem. I must have been changing default settings, as all walls, old and new changed. But I followed Eric's advice and got it right finally. Hey, I'm the rookie now, been using Home Designer Architectural for about four days. But my first drafting class was in 1958. Appreciate everyone's patience.
  15. I'm trying to start a new wall at 90 degrees from another - and the new wall must have a different definition from the first. This is an addition to an existing house, so the addition will have walls of a different type (definition). I tried to use a break so that I could begin the new wall with a different definition. But it seems that this changes all the wall, , not just the new one. How do I do this? Thanks Bill Wells Home Design Architectural Widows 7