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    Home Designer Quick Tip - Angled Windows

    I am also thinking of renovating my house from last two months and I found your home decoration software and the video you have shared with us is amazing. And I also want home window tint for my house. If you have any option for that you can share with me.So that I can receive good ideas from you.
  2. TheTintGuy

    How to estimate construction cost

    Hi Guys, First of all thanks for your question. Actually, I lived in the USA and I am also thinking to renovate my house. I want to change the doors and windows of my house. Because In summers due to the sunlight electricity bill are also creating the big problem for me. So my friend suggests me to tint the windows of my house. And I am looking for home window tinting services from past two weeks.Hope I will resolve my this problem very soon.
  3. TheTintGuy

    Moving/Re-dimensioning Interior Walls.

    Wow, Finally I found a place where I can share my problem of home decor. I am also a housewife and I lived in the USA. And in summers sunlight is the big issue here. And I want suggestion regarding that, what should I do to prevent my house from sunlight. My best friend told me about the window tinting services in the the USA, I am looking for home window tinting for my house and I found the service of tint guy and I am very happy with their services. If anyone is facing same problem like me they can check this link: